The Chair of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg ( under the direction of Prof. Dr. Matthias Berking focuses its research on clinical aspects of emotion regulation and technological therapy support.

An important area in the research field of technological therapy support is the research area e-health, which refers to the application of new media and technologies to promote mental and physical health and to prevent and treat mental and physical disorders and diseases. In addition to psychoeducation and the transfer of knowledge specific to disorders and diseases, health psychological and psychotherapeutic techniques are also applied to promote emotional and cognitive learning processes that are intended to lead to adaptive behavioural changes in everyday life.

At the Chair of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, internet and mobile app-based health interventions are being developed to support patients with mental disorders and diseases. A focus is also on the development of internet and mobile app-based health interventions for the prevention and early detection of mental illness.

These applications are then evaluated in research projects with regard to their user-friendliness, acceptance by users, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness from a health economic perspective. Thanks to its many years of research experience and expertise in this research field, the Chair is committed to maintaining high scientific standards, for example by using randomized controlled studies to test efficacy.

Furthermore, the department is committed to ensuring that the evidence-based interventions that have been developed in-house, which are user-friendly and effective, but also cost-effective and have been accepted by users, are applied in routine health care. For this purpose, two start-ups (Mentalis, funded by a Bavarian innovation promotion program & HelloBetter, funded by the European Union) have been founded in the past years with the aim to implement the developed evidence-based internet and app-based health interventions in practice and make them accessible to people.

Mrs. Lenka Wichmann, research associate and PhD student at the Chair of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, is involved in the implementation of the scientific studies within the IASON project as study coordinator. She is a graduate psychologist who has been working intensively on the neuropsychology of Alzheimer's disease as well as on Alzheimer-specific EEG characteristics during her studies.