The object of the IASON project is the development of a system which, through the combination of the

  • diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease at a (preclinical) stage of its development, at which no symptoms are yet manifest,.
  • Support of Alzheimer's patients by an "intelligent emotional-empathic digital assistant (IEEDA)" in their practical everyday life, see the following point 2,
  • and the support of the therapy of Alzheimer's patients by a novel approach, the Gamma-Entrainment, whose effectiveness was shown in a mouse model by scientists of the Picower Institute and the Singer-Labs,

is characterized.

For this purpose, the methods of quantitative EEG analysis (quantitative electroencephalogram analysis) are to be used in particular for diagnosis and therapy. The Wikipedia articles on this ( and unfortunately provide only incomplete or insufficient information. Under the main menu item "Methods" and here under "Tokeya Deep Data GmbH & Co. KG" we will describe in detail the currently known procedures of the qEEG (quantitative EEG), which correspond to the current state of knowledge. In "Results" we will present the results of our own development work. For potential therapy with Gamma-Entrainment we will also report there and under "Updates on the state of the art".