We are very pleased to announce that the BMBF has approved an increase of the funding of the company Tokeya Deep Data Dive GmbH & Co. KG for the financing of the IASON project. The new funds will be used to develop an app combining an automated olfactory and memory test, the two positive results of which allow to predict that people will NOT develop Alzheimer's disease with a probability of 96% within the next 4 years (see “Olfactory test” the study of Devanand et al). The olfactory test will also be used to clarify symptoms of COVID-19 odour loss.

Most importantly, we will use the financial increase to plan, prepare and conduct a pilot study called FHASE (Forty Hertz (40 Hz) Alzheimer Stimulation and Entrainment), which will make it possible to significantly increase the effect strength of a combined 40 Hz Gamma Entrainment (optical, acoustic, mechanical, electrical) using an individual setting compared to previous approaches to Gamma Entrainment. We hope to gain decisive impulses for a sustainable, non-invasive, non-drug therapy of Alzheimer's disease.

“Entrainment” here means “rhythmic coupling of brain waves in the gamma frequency range (40 Hz)” by external (sensory) or internal (e.g. electrodes in the brain) stimulation. Entrainment here has the figurative meaning of “getting back into a synchronously running train (of oscillations)”. It is precisely this synchronicity that is lost in Alzheimer’s disease. Gamma Entrainment restores a normal (“healthy”) synchronization of the brain waves and at the same time eliminates the causes (e.g. plaques or tangles) of their disruption by the microglia cells. To show this improvement for humans and not only for mice is the declared goal of the FHASE pilot study.

A further central goal is to use the accompanying measurements (especially EEG) during gamma entrainment in the waking and sleeping states to gain insights that allow a prognosis of the future manifestation of Alzheimer’s disease already in its preclinical phase or in the MCI precursor state.

Then it would also be possible to postpone or even prevent the future occurrence of Alzheimer's disease by an intervention with 40 Hz Gamma Entrainment. Details will be presented and continuously expanded in a separate sub-page of this project page www.iason.ai in the course of the project.

The Internet domains www.iason.health and www.iason.healthcare currently refer to www.iason.ai, but will have their own contents in the future.