The digital platform #dasgutenetz (German for #thegoodnetwork) is a development in the ELKB’s  funding project “digitally networked care”. This platform is used to investigate the question of how far new technologies, professional and voluntary actors, as well as the social environment of the persons cared for can be better networked with each other.

The platform #dasgutenetz will be tested as a possibility to build digital communities and networked neighbourhoods, as well as to develop new forms of voluntary help for senior citizens. In particular, experience will be gathered with regard to the accessibility and usability of digital technologies.


Communication is a central point of the work of the Rummelsberger Diakonie and a central concern in order to come into contact with the people entrusted to us and those close to them. In order to be able to be humans at your side also in a digital way, we are developing RuDi#kom.

RuDi#kom consists of various modules that enable low-threshold messaging, video or cloud-based collaboration solutions.

In this way, Rummelsberger Diakonie is building up secure new digital communication and networking possibilities and integrating them into daily cooperation. These technologies also provide valuable experience in integrating digital solutions into the daily work with senior citizens.


Digital participation

New technologies such as the Intelligent Emotional-Empathetic Assistant (IEEDA) ALOIS, which is to be developed within the IASON project, require access to and knowledge of digital tools. At the same time, an accessible and intuitive design of such applications is indispensable. Therefore, we are already developing offers and concepts to support users in the future in handling digital technologies and the corresponding hardware and thus enable self-determined participation in the digital world.