Many books that refer directly to individual topics are already included in the texts in the respective context for reference. Here only the most important book references are summarized, which are important for the general understanding in the context of the IASON project. In the literature lists of the GVB and TVB excerpts (in submenu item "Downloads") further extensive reference lists are included at the end of the documents. Overlaps may occur. The list of relevant books & papers below will be continuously updated.


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Important papers that are not covered in the texts on the website:

C. v.d. Malsburg: The correlation theory of brain function, 1984

S. Freud - Project for a scientific psychology, 1895

C. Skarda & W. Freeman: How brains make chaos in order to make sense of the
world, 1987

H. Uzan & I. Kanter et al: Biological learning curves outperform existing ones in
artificial intelligence algorithms, Nature, 2019