The company Tokeya Deep Data Dive GmbH & Co. KG from Würzburg ( was founded in 2017 with the declared aim of using methods and procedures from AI (artificial intelligence) and system dynamics (e.g. chaos theory) to carry out time series analyses, especially of several channels (data sources), with considerably greater benefit than at present and thus to make them more productive by using more intelligence.

In the excerpts of the total and partial project description attached under the menu item “Downloads” the expertise of Tokeya Deep Data Dive GmbH & Co. KG is presented, as well as under the menu item “Competencies” on the company's homepage at .

Tokeya is the initiator and main sponsor of the development in the IASON project, whose goals are already described in detail in the overview. It applies the procedures listed under “Methods”.

In addition, Tokeya is also engaged in time series analysis of current data in the electrical networks, especially to detect, locate and eliminate disturbances (anomalies) and their sources in the networks. For this purpose, the same procedures from AI and system dynamics are applied as in the IASON project.

A future focus of the company will be the application of quantitative EEG in psychotherapy, quantitative assessment in meditation practice and in general communication and neurofeedback via BCI (Brain-Computer-Interface) in a distributed communication environment. The Gamma Entrainment will also be used for this purpose. Applications in neuro-marketing are well conceivable here.

The company currently has five employees. An expansion of staff is planned within the framework of the IASON project. Beyond that, however, a fundamental expansion of the staff, in particular to be able to specifically address the above-mentioned tasks that go beyond the IASON project with the necessary resources.