ifectis methods

The brand ifectis is composed of the word parts if (for innovation funding) and vectis (lat. lever). We are aware of the difficulties in implementing new ideas and want to support our customers to the best of our ability in using the lever of innovation funding - not sporadically and opportunistically, but systematically and strategically!

For a funded project we proceed in the following way:

Project analysis and selection of funding programmes

In a telephone or personal conversation, the development ideas of the customers are analysed with regard to their eligibility for funding. This is followed by the selection of one or more suitable subsidy programs. In many cases, cooperation partners must be considered or a suitable constellation of partners must be defined.


After the contract has been awarded, the application documents are prepared, usually on the basis of an on-site visit. These consist of a project description and a complex set of forms. Frequently, a two-stage application procedure is required, in which a project outline is submitted first. In the event of a positive evaluation by the reviewers, the full proposal is prepared.

Additional demands of the project sponsor

During the processing of a project application, there are often queries and additional demands from the reviewers. We support our clients in meeting these demands quickly, purposefully and comprehensively in order to enable a quick and complete approval of their project application.

Project execution and report on expenditure of funds

After the approval we support the customers in the project execution. This includes the preparation of the calls for funds, the preparation of the technical interim reports and the commercial interim statements as well as the preparation of reallocations of funds and change requests. At the end of the funding project, the audit-compliant     report on expenditure of funds is prepared.

Support for project audits

In the case of larger federal or EU funding projects, an audit can still be carried out by the responsible regional council or an auditing company several years after the end of the project. We support our clients in the preparation of such audits and accompany them on site. In order to ensure the availability of all documents relevant to the audit, we provide a complete copy of the project documents.